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Rust Server Hosting
Building your own Rust community has never been this easy...
What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch Studios. The objective of Rust is to survive in the wilderness using gathered or stolen materials. Players must successfully manage their hunger, thirst, and health, or risk dying.

Powered By IcedPanel
A simple yet modern panel, loaded with features.
Panel Features

We utilize a very powerful, yet simple game panel. It is automatically integrated with every shared service & discord bot. We call it, IcedPanel. IcedPanel is a modified version of the industry trusted Pterodactyl game panel. It houses a friedly user-interface, without holding back on features.

Our Rust Hosting Features
Our Rust Servers come with many features to empower your hosting experience.
Automatic Wipe System
IcedPanel features a built in interface to easily automate and enhance the way you wipe your Rust server. It supports features such as changing the map seed, map size, server description, server title, and file deletion.
One-Click Oxide Install
Installing Oxide has never been easier. IcedPanel allows for a one-click Oxide install. Simply navigate to your servers startup parameters, set Oxide to true (1) and restart your server. Your server will now automatically pull the latest Oxide manifest when it is rebooted.
Automatic Server and Oxide Updates
Every time you reboot your server our systems will automatically pull the latest manifest from steam and Oxide and apply them to your server. This ensures that your server stays properly updated to the latest versions at all times.
(SFTP) File Management
Easily upload, delete, and modify files through our built-in file manager on the game panel. You'll also receive SFTP login details, this allows you to upload larger files on a faster connection.
Rust FAQ
Frequently asked questions about our Rust hosting
At, we do not restrict you by player slots, instead you are limited by your server resources (CPU and RAM). Our CPU Power recommendations can be viewed on the Rust Checkout Page. It is also important to consider selecting more RAM if you plan on using larger sized maps.
Yes! All of our rust servers fully support Oxide and have full plugin capabilities. It is very simply to install Oxide and get plugins up and running on your server using our IcedPanel.
Yes! IcedPanel has full support for Rust custom maps. If you would like to add a custom map, simply add "-levelurl "link to your map" into the additional agruments field under your server startup paramenters.
Yes, it's possible to upgrade and downgrade at any time. Please make sure to request this change through a ticket, so our administration can change your recurring invoices.
Yes, you may change the location of your server at anytime, however, your IP address and Ports may change. If you would like your server transferred to a different region, please contact IcedHost support.
In order to protect the integrity of our ANTI-DDoS mitigation systems, we do not disclose much information regarding our DDoS Protection. However, we can say that we utilize the best in house mitigation systems and filtering mechanics to keep all of our servers online from DDoS attacks.

For more answers to your questions check our knowledgebase or submit a ticket!